What Maisie Knew ~Movie Review~

This will honestly be one of my favorite movies. What Maisie Knew is a movie starring Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard (two very exceptional actors that I adore). The plot is basically about this little girl, Maisie, who is stuck in the middle of a custody battle of her not-so caring parents. Her mother, who is... Continue Reading →


Tiger Lily (Review)

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson Rating: 10/10!!! (I am honestly in love) Genre: Fantasy, Romance Pages: around 292 Topics: Love, Magic, Family,  R E V I E W:  ((I'm writing this review two years after actually reading the book itself. Please pardon the fact that this review isn't very in depth, I just really wanted to... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017!

*Cue the opening sequence of HSM 2*     The end of a whole school year has passed, and I must say, it flew by pretty damn fast. With these last couple of weeks of finals, the most awaited time of the year FINALLY comes. Freshman year has been too much, and I think it's... Continue Reading →

All Men Are Mortal

In the morning, after I had passed through the postern, I looked back upon the rock bristling with its high towers, the rock that had for so long been the heart of the earth for me. Now, it was only a minuscule particle in that vast conglomeration, the Holy Roman Empire. The earth had no... Continue Reading →

Research Study: Friends vs. Happiness

Last semester, my psychology class was assigned to do a correlation study between any two variables. I chose to study the correlation between close friends and happiness in life. I decided to study these two variables, because often times as college students, we tend to get stressed out and depend on drugs and alcohol to... Continue Reading →

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