College Diaries #3: Types of Students In Summer // How We Spend Our Time

Well, well, well.... if you've clicked on this post, it's either because: you're generally curious about what we do on our time off you know you're going to be on this list Good news for you, we've compiled a list of the types of college students in summer. Although, this post may also apply to... Continue Reading →


College Diaries #2 ~ The Infamous White-Tailed Squirrel

A legend passed away at the University of Houston Campus one month ago. He was a local that lived among many generations. Students that would see him knew that they were blessed with his good fortune. This legend is THE white-tailed squirrel. And the people named him Fluffy. The white-tailed squirrel was a campus favorite. He was basically... Continue Reading →

College Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves, whether you're at college, high school, or work. Because Lily and I LOVE to complain about college (LOL),we decided to compile a list of college pet peeves 🙂 People who BLOCK THE PATH 8 AM classes People who talk loudly or listen to loud music while you're trying to study!!! ......when... Continue Reading →

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