College Diaries #3: Types of Students In Summer // How We Spend Our Time

Well, well, well.... if you've clicked on this post, it's either because: you're generally curious about what we do on our time off you know you're going to be on this list Good news for you, we've compiled a list of the types of college students in summer. Although, this post may also apply to... Continue Reading →


College Diaries #2 ~ The Infamous White-Tailed Squirrel

A legend passed away at the University of Houston Campus one month ago. He was a local that lived among many generations. Students that would see him knew that they were blessed with his good fortune. This legend is THE white-tailed squirrel. And the people named him Fluffy. The white-tailed squirrel was a campus favorite. He was basically... Continue Reading →

Research Study: Friends vs. Happiness

Last semester, my psychology class was assigned to do a correlation study between any two variables. I chose to study the correlation between close friends and happiness in life. I decided to study these two variables, because often times as college students, we tend to get stressed out and depend on drugs and alcohol to... Continue Reading →

College Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves, whether you're at college, high school, or work. Because Lily and I LOVE to complain about college (LOL),we decided to compile a list of college pet peeves 🙂 People who BLOCK THE PATH 8 AM classes People who talk loudly or listen to loud music while you're trying to study!!! ......when... Continue Reading →

A New Semester

As you may know, Lily and I have just started our second semester of college. I think it's safe to say that this semester is actually going to kick my ass. It seems as if I may have taken my first semester for granted, seeing that I didn't find my first semester hard at all.... Continue Reading →

The End of a Semester

As the end of my first college semester comes to an end, I must say...... I have never been more relieved in my LIFE. It's not that I'm always busy (because I'm not...I literally have no life), it's just the classes and the people that irk me. A majority of the people at my current... Continue Reading →

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