Parties. Drugs. Mistakes. Stress. Studying. Caffeine. Blood. Sweat. Tears. I slowly begin to notice the pattern associated with these group of words. I sit back and continue to listen to my friends’ stories and experiences as I constantly hear the repetition of these words. After a long session of sharing life changing experiences, I tread back to my dorm and lay on my ((or what was considered to be called)) bed. I begin to think about other students that might have been through the same occurrence as my roommates and friends . They have the same experiences, but these experiences affect every single person in a different way. As these thoughts swirl in my mind, I get a sudden thought – as if a light bulb turns on above my head. Immediately forgetting about my chemistry assignment due tomorrow, I think about a possible way to share these experiences and decisions so that others can learn from them. What better way to share college life with others than to start a blog? But….….last time I checked, the only blogging I‘ve done before was Tumblr. Yikes. I eventually come to the conclusion that this might be more difficult than I thought…..


September 18, 2016, 12:36 AM: My phone rings to indicate the daily video chat coming from Sofia. Let me tell you, us living in two different cities is a bitch, so video chatting is the norm. Hours pass by of multitasking between completing mounds of homework (the idea of sleep suddenly sounds like a blissful idea) and talking about cute boys in our new classes. I continue my work with heavy eyelids. Until:

“You know…I’m actually thinking of starting a blog,” I hear. My head jerks up and any form of melatonin that is coursing through my brain suddenly ceases. “I mean, I really wanted to do a blog on books, but I know I’m not gonna have time to read The fucking Count of Monte Cristo and write a review on it and study aND do homework AND update the blo-”

“Woah, okay, wait a minute…” I tell Sofia, with a grin on my face. I finally find a partner to co-run the blog with. Commence Operation GOLB (it’s just “blog” backwards… I know, we’re creative).

Our names are Lily and Sofia, and we wanted our first post to be an introduction to our blog! So, we haven’t ever tried blogging (except Tumblr, if you can even count that?) but we are really looking forward to making this a successful and helpful blog to not only college students, but future college students as well. On The Invisible Ink, we plan to explore college life…and books. From interviews and articles to tips and recipes, The Invisible Ink will provide an easy guide on making college life the best experience possible. Now, we know college can be stressful as hell, and sometimes you need to take a break… and that’s where the books come in. Along with college life, we’ll be posting book reviews written by Sofia that will interest teens and young adults. Trust me, we’ll only post the books worth reading 😉 We hope the Invisible Ink is as resourceful as it is entertaining!

~~T H E   I N V I S I B L E   I N K~~


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