College Diaries #3: Types of Students In Summer // How We Spend Our Time

Well, well, well…. if you’ve clicked on this post, it’s either because:

  1. you’re generally curious about what we do on our time off
  2. you know you’re going to be on this list

Good news for you, we’ve compiled a list of the types of college students in summer. Although, this post may also apply to anyone who doesn’t go to school as well. So without further ado we present: Types of Students in Summer

  • The “workaholic”. Don’t get me wrong, ya gotta do watcha gotta do to make money, but this type is almost never available to hang out. Those 9-5’s have become a daily routine for these pour souls. Hope you’ve hung out with them before their summer has started, because all you’re gonna get from them is a Snapchat picture of them at work with their co-workers. Make plans with this type WAY ahead of time to ensure that the workaholic is available.

 office working workplace sanrio office life GIF

  • The hermit. Yup, this type doesn’t leave the house, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Catch this person locked in a room binge watching tv shows they didn’t have time to watch during the school year. The hermit isn’t into tv shows, you say? No problem! The hermit may also be cooped up a room reading a book and catching up on the endless TBR list 🙂 Catch this type of student awake late at night finishing up a tv show/book! You might want to make plans to hang out with this type ahead of time, because let’s face it: they need time to absorb the fact that they HAVE to leave their house in order to meet up. (this is definitely Sofia)

 animal hyouka spirit hermit crabfrom GIF

  • The student — who’s still studying. Don’t confuse this type with the hermit. The summer student is stuck at home because they HAVE to be. This person wastes no time in education during break. He/she may stack up on summer classes to knock out as many credits as possible! Wanna hang out with this type? Sorry! Too busy studying for the LSAT/MCAT! The type may occasionally leave the house… but ONLY if it’s necessary. Although this type may constantly be studying, he/she still needs a mental break. If you are friends with this type of student, PLEASE make sure they leave the house and get some fresh air. Mental health is important too, folks. #thegrindneverstops #priorities

 student jane the virgin study studying grad school GIF

  • The one who’s never home. The opposite of the hermit. This type isn’t on vacation… they’re just never home. Whether it’s a party, a gym workout, or hanging with friends, making plans with this type is EASY, because they are always down for a good time. I don’t blame them — college is STRESSFUL. Sometimes it’s good to just let loose, ya know?

  • The one who’s on vacation… for the entire summer. Nice try, but you’ll have to wait to see this type again, because they won’t be available. They’ll be too busy enjoying their European tour or a Disney cruise (my lifetime dream) for the entirety of summer break. Don’t worry, this type will bring back aesthetic pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the Big Ben so it’ll feel like you went too (not really)! If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll even bring back a souvenir for you! (this is Lily)

 party vacation warning theres davin GIF

So that’s it, folks. Those are the types of students in summer that I have encountered. Have you encountered any of these? What type are you?



3 thoughts on “College Diaries #3: Types of Students In Summer // How We Spend Our Time

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  1. I usually stay coped up in my room reading or on this blog or coloring, but my parents spend their time trying to convince me to get out of my room. But there seems to be nothing else, but stay coped in my room


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