College Diaries #2 ~ The Infamous White-Tailed Squirrel

A legend passed away at the University of Houston Campus one month ago. He was a local that lived among many generations. Students that would see him knew that they were blessed with his good fortune.

This legend is THE white-tailed squirrel. And the people named him Fluffy.

The white-tailed squirrel was a campus favorite. He was basically the secondary mascot of the university, and everyone knew who he was. During my New Student Orientation, my team leader told me about him. There was only one on campus, so everyone knew it was the same squirrel every time they saw him. When people would come across the squirrel, they would immediately take pictures of him. Rumor was that he would give you good luck if you saw him because of his rare beauty, and people would feel confident if they saw him before taking their exams. So basically, he was our Lil Sebastian ((SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE PARKS AND REC FANS)).

Whenever his beautiful soul passed away, people immediately found out through Twitter. Our mourning became a viral sensation. There were news outlets were reporting on him, articles in the newspaper, and a Snapchat story commemorating his legacy. We made a temporary memorial, but we wanted to do more for his sake. At first, the thought went to holding a burial, but there were some legal issues with that. So someone decided to start a GoFundMe page to TAXIDERMY THE SQUIRREL. Don’t get me wrong, I also think he should be remembered, but I always thought the taxidermy part was a little creepy. But it only gets better from there. A single person donated all the money needed for the taxidermy. THIS DUDE PAID LIKE 500 BUCKS FOR THE TAXIDERMY OF A SQUIRREL. IN FULL. It was anonymous, so we never found out who the person was:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.23.22 PM.png



The memorial created by students on campus. 

The fundraiser exceeded its $550 goal and raised about $825. The rest of the money went to a case for the squirrel, which is now being displayed in the library on campus. The money also went to a memorial for the squirrel. Many people showed up to commemorate the squirrel. Here’s the video that was shown on stage:

Then, there was a parade of people that lined up. There was a persoN PLAYING THE BAGPIPES AS THEY MARCHED TOWARDS THE LIBRARY WITH THE STUFFED WHITE-TAILED SQUIRREL IN THE GLASS BOX LMAO. Everyone was holding little electronic candles ((i mean real candles would’ve been cooler but that’s ok)), and it ended with the squirrel placed in the library for all to see.

May Fluffy eat French Fries endlessly up above.



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