College Diaries #1: A Tragic Love Story

Hi, Sofia here. I’m about to tell you what just happened to me today. It was honestly such a traumatic experience, and it’s been two hours and I am still not over this. This post is the story of how I fell in love and got heartbroken all in two and half hours:

So, there’s this girl in my humanities class- let’s call her Annie. I know Annie through a friend (we only talked like once), but the thing is- I haven’t talked to her in class. I don’t know why I haven’t talked to her she seems like a super nice person, but idk she gives me weird ~vibes~ so I avoid her.

Anyways, so I go to this event that we have to write a paper for, and turns out the conference center that the event is staged in has these round tables set up. And I immediately froze at the set up.

round tables with chairs = interaction with other people = oh my god I have to talk to people = this is going to be a long ass two and a half hours

So after trying to find a seat with the least amount of people as possible, I start looking around the room. I decided that if I were to interact with anyone maybe I could actually start talking to Annie so I won’t be alone. Minutes later, this REALLY CUTE BOY comes and sits at my table and I’m like :0  this event suddenly just got interesting.

Finally, the event starts and my table is filled up, and at this point, I’ve talked to one or two people at my table, but only because they asked me a question (LOL I really don’t like being the first one to strike a conversation). I realize Annie still hasn’t shown up, so I assumed she went to another event for the paper. Anyways, turns out most of the people at my table are super awkward at conversations which works out perfectly because then we don’t have to talk to each other!!!!


The statement above is actually false. 

The speakers of the event had actually told us to interact with the people at our table at sort of get to know each other. So we all talked about what we’re studying and jobs and stuff we like to do. And after I talked about the bare minimum, the CUTE BOY starts talking. He talked about how much he loved soccer and basketball. And I’m sitting there all heart-eye emoji because he had such nice arms and he played sports and he was just so funny. So then, we start talking about why we’re at the event, and it turns out literally everyone at my table was at the event for some sort of credit. BUT THEN the cute boy says how he’s only at the event because his girlfriend was at work. Two things came into my mind when I heard him say that:

1) I was #shocked and #upset because this dude is already in a relationship 

2) The fact that he came to this event to fill in for his girlfriend was so cute

So the event goes on and he cute boy starts talking about his girlfriend, and everyone at the table was saying stuff like “aw you’re such a good boyfriend” or “aw, you’re so loyal” and stuff like that. Meanwhile, I continued to not say a word, but on the inside my mood was that upside down smiley face emoji:

Image result for upside down smiley face emoji

Minutes later I see Annie come through the door, and she and I make awkward eye contact. She noticed that my table was full but she still came over towards where we were sitting. I see her coming to our table, but instead of coming towards me, SHE GOES OVER TO THE CUTE BOY.


And that ladies and gentlemen is why I will never fall in love ever again.

~The End~




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