College Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves, whether you’re at college, high school, or work. Because Lily and I LOVE to complain about college (LOL),we decided to compile a list of college pet peeves 🙂

  • People who BLOCK THE PATH
  • 8 AM classes
  • People who talk loudly or listen to loud music while you’re trying to study!!!

WE tv annoyed i cant over it cant

  • ……when you can hear students do the dirty deed in the dorm room next to you
  •  Always having to be that sober person who ends up looking after your drunk friends
  • Couples who flirt in the middle of class

Image result for arthur fist meme

  • When the person who you’re trying to avoid talks to you
  • Frat boys
  • Friday classes

the office over end done steve carell

***this is an actual live representation of Sofia when someone takes her studying spot and she plots revenge***

  • When your roommate doesn’t do his/her part in keeping the dorm clean
  • Professors who think their class is more important than your other classes
  • Going to bed at 3 AM knowing you have an 8 AM the next day

movie tired morning frozen sleeping

And lastly:

  • Running out of coffee in the middle of the night



We hope you enjoyed reading about what ticks us off at! Hopefully we aren’t the only ones out there who get bugged by these things so easily! What are some of your pet peeves?

~Sofia and Lily


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