TV Shows We’re Currently Watching

So the idea to create this post came randomly to me as I (Sofia) was facetiming Lily while listening to the Moana soundtrack (an iconic soundtrack by the way)

As you can tell by the title, we’re just going to be dumping some of our favorite tv shows (we also included posters that have the channel on it in case you want to go check it out on its website)! Lily and I tend to watch shows of different genres so hopefully you can find a show that you love or will want to watch!! All of these are either on Netflix or Amazon Prime 🙂



Image result for suits

Mozart in the Jungle

Image result for mozart in the jungle


Image result for arrow poster


Image result for supernatural poster

Stranger Things

Image result for stranger things poster

Once Upon a Time

Image result for once upon a time poster

How to Get Away With Murder

Image result for how to get away with murder poster

Jane the Virgin

Image result for jane the virgin poster

The Blacklist

Image result for the blacklist poster


Image result for sherlock poster


Image result for house md poster

Gilmore Girls 

Image result for gilmore girls poster

The Flash

Image result for the flash poster

The Office ((the American version))

Image result for the office poster

Parks and Recreation

Image result for parks and recreation poster

The Crown 

Image result for the crown poster netflix

Shows we need to watch but haven’t gotten around to yet:


Image result for shameless poster

House of Cards (Sofia started this show but couldn’t finish it because she finds it confusing)

Image result for house of cards poster

Black Mirror

Image result for black mirror poster

White Collar

Image result for white collar poster


Image result for westworld poster

The OA

Image result for the oa poster

Let us know if you have any good tv show recommendations! We are always looking for ways to distract ourselves from homework (lol)!!!!!


4 thoughts on “TV Shows We’re Currently Watching

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  1. Riverdale is addicting! It just premiered on CW, and there are only three episodes out, but if you download the CW app you can watch them full-length and get notifications when they air.

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