A New Semester

As you may know, Lily and I have just started our second semester of college. I think it’s safe to say that this semester is actually going to kick my ass. It seems as if I may have taken my first semester for granted, seeing that I didn’t find my first semester hard at all. This difficult new semester also means fewer posts for now (unfortunately). I’ve been trying my best to squeeze in books for reviews, but honestly I haven’t been able to read that many since the year has started. I’m hoping once things start settling with Lily and I start figuring out our schedules,  we’ll be able to post content more often! It’s possible that I (Sofia) will also be posting more of update/random posts rather than sticking to the tabs that we have ((hopefully you guys won’t mind)). Anyways, if you are in school, I hope your semester will go 10x better than mine, because I know I am going to die with the classes I’m taking (Chemistry is not my forte)!!!


I’m on the same boat with Sofia right now. I’m taking more classes than last semester, meaning my ass is getting handed over by my professors, with high expectations from both my professors and my parents. With more assignments, it is going to be a bit harder to post, but we’ll make it through. We are coming up with creative ways to keep this blog from becoming monotonous and bland. I hope this blog is something that can make your day a bit brighter :)! To everyone in college right now, I wish you the best of luck (bc i really need it rn)!

Meanwhile here are some gifs that we relate to:

falling down
^^ Sofia when she think she did good on a test but didn’t ^^


animation reaction film disney vintage

^^When someone asks me what the professor just said^^


excited yes meryl streep jennifer lopez oscars 2015



studio ghibli fml faceplant im done kikis delivery service

^^Going back to your dorm after a long day like^^


alicia silverstone

^^”You have a 10 page paper due next week over [insert book you were supposed to read but didn’t]”^^


Cheezburger disney kiss bye waving

^^Leaving class for the last time and thinking about how you never have to step foot in that room again^^


~Sofia and Lily


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