College Diaries #1: A Tragic Love Story

Hi, Sofia here. I'm about to tell you what just happened to me today. It was honestly such a traumatic experience, and it's been two hours and I am still not over this. This post is the story of how I fell in love and got heartbroken all in two and half hours: So, there's... Continue Reading →


Research Study: Friends vs. Happiness

Last semester, my psychology class was assigned to do a correlation study between any two variables. I chose to study the correlation between close friends and happiness in life. I decided to study these two variables, because often times as college students, we tend to get stressed out and depend on drugs and alcohol to... Continue Reading →

College Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves, whether you're at college, high school, or work. Because Lily and I LOVE to complain about college (LOL),we decided to compile a list of college pet peeves 🙂 People who BLOCK THE PATH 8 AM classes People who talk loudly or listen to loud music while you're trying to study!!! ......when... Continue Reading →

January 2017

Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions, by Daniel Wallace Rating: 8/10 Genre: Prose Pages: around 180 Topics: Family, Adventure, Tragedy, Myths, Legends Summary: "In his prime, Edward Bloom was an extraordinary man. Or at least that's what he's told his son, William, who, faced with the prospect of his father's death, sets about to discover... Continue Reading →

A New Semester

As you may know, Lily and I have just started our second semester of college. I think it's safe to say that this semester is actually going to kick my ass. It seems as if I may have taken my first semester for granted, seeing that I didn't find my first semester hard at all.... Continue Reading →

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