Clothing: More Than a Sense of Fashion

There is one major thing we look for in celebrities: their clothing. We tend to copy them, and that’s how some trends come alive. Or, we set our own trends among ourselves. Fashion is very influential on young people to show how we feel about relevant (but mostly irrelevant) things. We wear certain things, but we all have our own reasons and opinions as to why we wear those certain things. On one hand, a ton of people wear dumb shit without realizing what they’re saying, and on the other hand, some people say they get offended by certain clothing only because they think they should get offended. I came up with a few general questions to ask around my college campus to hear out some people’s opinions on clothing, whether it’s influential or if it’s something we get too invested into.

The first question I asked the few on campus is, “Do you think a sense of fashion is important?” I talked to a girl in my US History class, Pallovi, and she told me that it’s very important. “It says a lot about a person, and it reflects someone’s personality.” I asked this same question to a person from my English class, Jack*, and he told me that “clothing is not something that’s really important, especially to me. People tend to get invested in things that they see on celebrity news or in magazines, instead of trying to improve on other things.” Most people I talked to gave me their opinions like Pallovi’s answer, but some surprised me, like Jack’s answer.

Another question I asked around campus is where is the line drawn in terms of ethics. I talked to Naomi at my campus library, and she told me that she didn’t really think about this problem until coming onto a college campus. “It was almost like cultural shock,” says  Naomi. “My high school was 98% hispanic and black, so I what I saw on people is what I was used to. Whenever I came onto campus, I was like, ‘What the hell,’ but in a good way though! It’s nice to see people express their diversity through clothing, and I personally don’t have a problem with the way people dress.” Some people, however, were a bit more strict when it came to this question.  “Of course this is where freedom of speech can be disputed, but I think we have to be careful in what we wear,” says Hannah*. “A good example is the election. Of course, wearing ‘Feel the Bern’ shirts are acceptable, but where can clothing be concerning? It’s when it’s taken too far, when profound things can be said and unnecessarily offend other people. If those words or pictures are not necessary to get your point across, then you don’t need to wear it.” Of course, this is one person’s opinion on a very controversial issue. Another interesting opinion I got was from Jack*, who told me that “[clothing] can show what a person thinks about something, and sometimes people feel the need to get offended just because they think they should get offended. This is the freedom of expression we’re talking about, and it’s something taken very seriously in our country.”

So basically, the question of ethics doesn’t have one answer. How GREAT!

And to finish this off, I want to include one of my favorite quotes from my interviews:

“Just don’t go butt naked.”

Comment below your thoughts on how clothing can inspire others, as well as how important it is in our society today.


*Jack is a pseudoname per request.

*Hannah is a pseudoname per request.

Featured Image is “Clothing” by Glen Scott. Creative Commons Copyright. No part of this image has been altered. Non-commercial use. All rights reserved to owner. Link to photo: .


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