Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Review)

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, J.K. Rowling

    • Rating: 5/10
    • Genre: Fantasy
    • Pages: 320
    • Topics: Family, Friendship, Magic


R E V I E W: Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (#Gryffindor)! I read this play back in July when it first came out. No, I haven’t watched the actual play, although I really want to (I live in America #notmypresident!!) I have no idea why I didn’t think of writing a review on this story sooner (smh). And since I’m being honest here I’m going to just flat out say it…….. I didn’t really like Cursed Child (please don’t kill me). Growing up, the Harry Potter series was the only thing that I NEVER got tired of, because every time I re-read the books or re-watched the movies, I would always catch something I didn’t catch before. Personally, I was just expecting a lot more magic and I really wanted to feel like I was revisiting Hogwarts, but I just couldn’t make that connection while reading this. I got a completely different vibe from the Cursed Child compared to the other Harry Potter books, and I felt like the characters in Cursed Child were kind of off. Like I can understand why there was a lot more comedy, but I felt like in some parts of the story, a certain character wouldn’t actually say what he/she said in the play. For example, I was really shocked when I read the part where Harry told Albus about how he sometimes wishes Albus wasn’t his son. In my opinion, I don’t think Harry would every actually say that to his own son no matter how angry he was. I just don’t think that it’s part of Harry’s personality to say anything like that.  

I think the main reason I don’t like this story comes from the fact that it IS a play. Having a live audience that gives feedback on the spot is a completely different experience than filming a movie and waiting for an audience’s feedback on screen. And don’t get me wrong, I completely understand where JKR is coming from. I remember that not a lot of spells were used, which is understandable because… like…. how do you show spells live ….or maybe you can, I DON’T KNOW I haven’t watched the play! I also felt like the whole deal with Delphi was completely unnecessary and extra. The story of Harry Potter should have stayed the same, and I don’t think the writers should have added anything that wasn’t already present in the story before. I mean, the story of Albus and Scorpius was something new, and I think the writers should have focused on new material and not have revisited old material that JKR had already written and concluded. It’s not like I COMPLETELY hated the play, because there were some aspects that I did enjoy. For example, I really loved the friendship that Albus and Scorpius develop, as well as all the funny lines that some of the characters say. Overall, I felt as it this play was just a big, giant fanfiction. Being a Potterhead, I HAD to read Cursed Child… but at the same time I think I would have been just fine without reading as well.



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