The End of a Semester

As the end of my first college semester comes to an end, I must say…… I have never been more relieved in my LIFE. It’s not that I’m always busy (because I’m not…I literally have no life), it’s just the classes and the people that irk me. A majority of the people at my current college have different morals and beliefs than I do, which makes it difficult for me to talk to others and be acquainted with them. Due to this tragic fact, my daily routine has been extrememly boring. My college life literally consists of the following (in said order):

  1. Waking up
  2. Attending class
  3. Watching a few episodes of The Office while finishing homework (this is between classes)
  4. Attending more classes
  5. Going home (I commute)
  6. Eating dinner
  7. Doing homework
  8. Sleep
  9. Repeat

As you can tell, my life is pretty tedious. I would also like to point out that I am a very anti- social person and I hate starting over and making new friends. This semester, I haven’t even been focused on making new friends, I’ve just been focused on keeping that 4.0 GPA (the American grading system- stands for Grade Point Average). Obviously, I’ve made a FEW friends, but only because I hate asking questions in class so I just ask the person next to me. This results in camaraderie (LOL).

I think part of me knows why I’m acting so dramatic and petty. I hate my college. I see my friends posting Snapchat stories of their fun days filled with football games and festivals and parties and study groups and traveling and happiness and joy. Meanwhile, I’m alone. In my room. Doing homework. How tragic! My parents made me attend a college that was way cheaper than the one I wanted to attend. Honestly, I was fine the beginning of the semester, I was busy with adjusting and getting to know my professors and what their expectations were (gotta keep that 4.0, remember!!) But now towards the end of the semester with one more to go, I find myself just… not giving a shit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still keeping my grades up. I just don’t care for this place anymore. My parents and I agreed that at the end of the year I would definitely transfer to another college and GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS PLACE, because they both know I can’t stand my college anymore. I just have to get through one more semester and I’m D O N E. Off to the REAL college experience.

Now, even though I absolutely hate this place, I still have learned a few things form my first semester here at this hell hole:

  1. ALWAYS take at least one interesting class/a class you want to take
  2. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them
  3. I need more colored pens
  4. Time Management
  5. The importance of taking good A1 quality notes
  6. Get a bigger binder
  7. I should have gathered up the courage to talk to the cute boy in my math class who was WAY out of my league.
  8. I should have gathered up the courage to talk to the cute boy in my art class who looks like Clark Kent.
  9. Respect the professor. No matter how terrible of a professor he/she is. I see a lot of students in a few of my classes who are just downright disrespectful to our professors and it makes me SO. MAD. Don’t be like that. Always show respect. After all, they have the degree.

As this semester is coming to an end and my very long and much needed winter break comes, I’m hoping next semester will go better than my first semester. If I knew my college experience would be like this, I would have stayed in high school (I loved high school), ugh. Oh well…honestly I did learn a lot and I have met some really nice people… but I’m also SO GLAD that I’m so close to YEETING out of here and transferring. So yeah, that’s my experience so far. I hope you all enjoyed reading my rant! Expect more rants next semester!!!! 🙂




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