Jane Eyre (Review)


  • Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë

    • Rating: 8/10
    • Genre: Gothic Literature, Romance
    • Pages: around 550 (-ish)
    • Topics: Coming of Age, Feminism, Social Class, Love


R E V I E W: To be completely honest, I usually hate reading classical literature. I tend to find them unnecessarily long and tedious. So when I was forced to read Jane Eyre during my senior year in high school, you could imagine my immediate reaction. As I started reading the novel, I actually started enjoying it (shocker!). I could really find myself connecting with Jane, and reading about how she not only finds love (with a complete ass in my opinion), but also discovers her worth in a patriarchal society. It really broadened my perspective in the world Brontë lived in when she wrote the novel. Since this story is classified as Gothic literature, there are some spooky aspects to it (not as spooky as  Stephen King) and I was honestly very impressed with how Brontë incorporated the Gothic elements into a romance. There’s one major plot twist which was just… COMPLETELY unexpected for me, and it was hella creepy too. Jane Eyre itself starts when Jane is a young child, exposing the audience to Jane’s tormented childhood. I find the opening chapters of a book to be one of the most key components in a story. For me personally, if I’m not hooked within like the first five chapters, I probably won’t ever finish the book (I know, I’m terrible). However, with Jane Eyre, the first few chapters had me HOOKED and the fact that the audience watches Jane struggle to be independent from the beginning, as a small child, really caught my eye. The story continues as Jane grows older and the readers get to observe how Jane’s future actions are correlated to her past actions. Although the book is a bit lengthy, Jane Eyre is definitely a must read for feminists! I highly recommend this novel to women who are struggling to find their worth in today’s society. 

If you have any recommendations please feel free to let me know! I am always in the need of a good book!

~ Sofia


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