Dealing with Stress

No human being out there actually likes to be stressed, or even hear the word “stress” for that matter. School isn’t the only cause of stress (although for most people it might be); your occupation, your family, your relationships… a shit ton of factors go into causing this undesirable nuisance. Now, a lot of people have different ways of coping with….the s- word… but I, the Great Sofia, am here to share with you some tricks I use to deal with stress and, in turn, help prevent mental breakdowns. Besides… no one appreciates stress pimples.

  • Time Management/Prioritizing: For me, personally, what always helps me is making lists of what needs to be done and in what order. After waking up and hitting the snooze button 18237 times, I lay in bed and make a mental note of what all I need to get done that day. This will help you keep your day in order, and prevents an overload of work that might be causing you to want to bang your head against a wall. Since college is my main reason for stress (typical smh), I have a certain way of prioritizing my homework. I usually make lists, from most urgent to least urgent, and start from there. For example, let’s say I have a paper due in two days, and an exam next week. Obviously, I’m going to work on my paper first, since it’s more urgent, and then study for my exam afterwards. Besides, since my exam is next week, you can bet my ass will be locked up in my room studying for that exam ALL WEEKEND (don’t even think about going to that party you were planning on going to. Listen, I know that cute boy is gonna be there, but missing out on ONE party will not destroy your life). For me, I usually do written (or typed) assignments first, and studying last. So, if your reason for stress is related to the overwhelming amount of work you need to complete, make a prioritizing list.
  • Sleep: No, I don’t mean you should take a nap (although that may also help). What I mean is make sure you get a good amount of sleep. Getting a decent amount of sleep kind of goes hand-in-hand with time management and prioritizing. Staying up all night doing homework will only agitate you in the morning… and your brain does not appreciate being sleep-deprived. Your body will try to make you sleep at any moment it can (like falling asleep in class) if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. A teen or adult should get about 7-10 hours of sleep, and let’s face it… college students don’t even know the meaning of the word “sleep.”Also, getting a good amount of sleep after studying helps you retain information in the morning. This is because your brain will keep working on what you were trying to solve (the brain is magnificent). That’s why when you are presented with difficult decisions, people say to just “sleep on it.” It’s okay to call it a night early sometimes and treat yourself with sleep. You’ll be in a better mood and you won’t feel as stressed when you wake up.
  • Listen to Music: Sometimes being stressed will cause you to be irritated, which can lead to taking that irritation out on other people or objects (like throwing stuff). TO AVOID IRRITATION AND/OR THROWING THINGS, just listen to some music, man. Listen to your favorite songs and just lay in bed. Don’t even do anything. Close your eyes, and focus on why you love that song, or why that song makes you feel a certain emotion. Try to absorb yourself in the music, and try to forget about any issues for a few minutes. Once you feel better, take a deep breath and tackle on what’s stressing you. And honestly, the type of music that you listen to while being stressed depends on the type of person you are. If you’re the type of person who prefers to just cry it out, then listen to sad music (“Small Bump” and “To Build a Home” usually do the trick for me *sigh* ). If you want to avoid the sob story, then listen to happy, upbeat music. It all depends on you. The point is just to lift up your mood.
  • Talk to SomeoneIf neither lists nor music help with dealing with your stress, then talk to a friend or anyone you trust. Tell him/her about what’s causing your stress, and maybe they’ll offer their own advice. Just venting to someone will help you feel a lot better. Bottling up too much stress is no bueno for your mental heath nor physical health (you can actually get gastritis from stress). Sometimes depending on others is better than dealing with it by yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to another person, try writing it out!

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress, but these few points are what always help me! However, I mainly depend on priotizing my time, because that’s what helps me the most. Being aware of the work I need to do throughout the day just makes me feel better and organizes my day (I hate wasting time). Feel free to share what helps you deal with stress in the comments below! 🙂



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