Ramen – How Can It Possibly Get Better?

Ah yes, ramen. The stereotypical college student food. Most of us have stashes of ramen in our drawers. However, not everyone has enough time to cook something up for dinner, and going to the cafeteria can be a hassle sometimes. And honestly, it’s so easy to just pop ramen in the microwave for 3 minutes as an instant lunch or dinner ((or both let’s be real here)). I think we can all agree that it can get a little bland after a while,  and you can get sick of it real quick. As a fellow college student, let me tell you some ways of how to spice your noodles up a bit. Here are four ways IT CAN get better:

  1. Try adding some sauces. I’ve tried a few, and believe it or not the Taco Bell sauces actually go pretty well with ramen. If you’re into spicy foods this is definitely for you. My personal favorite is Fire, but trial and error can do no harm here. Also if you’re a fan of sweet and sour sauces or sriracha sauce, definitely give these a go. Chili bean sauce is also a very nice add-in. The sauce the ramen comes with also matters, so you could mix different sauces up or leave out the ramen sauce all together. It’s your canvas, so you can literally do whatever you want. This is making me hungry so I should move on…
  2.  Add some vegetables. I know…I sound crazy, but honestly, it tastes pretty good. I’ve added broccoli ((and I don’t even really like broccoli)), shredded carrots and garlic, and let me tell you, it was so LIT. In all seriousness, it’s something to go for that can also improve your diet and could be an easy snack. Even frozen veggies can work; it’s both time-conserving and delicious.
  3. Put your noodles in a salad. Everyone knows ramen isn’t exactly the healthiest choice of food out there. To help avoid the constant sodium intake, try making a salad/coleslaw mixed with your favorite dressing and cut up your ramen (cooked or uncooked) into your bowl!
  4. CHEESE – Oh… my gosh. Cheese literally works like magic. You can just keep a bag of shredded cheese in your fridge, and just get some ((or a lot)) all up in your bowl of ramen. It’s simple, and it tastes good af. Plus, you can be creative with the type(s) of cheese you  use. You CANNOT go wrong with cheese.

So basically, there is nothing wrong with eating ramen ((but don’t eat it all the time because it’s unhealthy af)). SO for it not to get too boring, try one of these really easy tips. If you got any suggestions to share, feel free to comment down below!




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