Note-Taking for Rookies

It can be hard to listen to the teacher and take notes at the same time. Sometimes, the lecture can be boring as hell, so taking notes in the first place can be tedious. Even when trying to pay attention, the professor’s words can go through one ear and come out the other. Right when you are about to get all the words down, Dr. WhatsHisFace moves on to the next fucking slide. Once you get to your notes to study, it looks like chicken scratch and the only legible part is the first three lines because that’s how long you actually cared during the lecture. So, how can you prevent these mishaps in order to get some completed, well-rounded notes?

  1. Consistency is key here. While it may seem boring to take the notes the same way every time, practicing this consistency makes it easier to finish your sentences before the presentation slide decides to move on without you (Can you tell I hate that?). Also, it will be easier for you to remember some aspects more if you write it out in the same way. You’re basically training your brain to stay on a steady pace so you can understand what you’re writing instead of blindly writing it on the page. There are different ways you can create your own comfort zone for notetaking so it’s legible and a useful tool to study. Some people like writing with different colors, whereas some people don’t really utilize color coding because it doesn’t help them. You can experiment in many different ways before finding a perfect routine for your notetaking.
  2. Color coding will not only make your notes look nicer, but also it can help you remember certain things clearer than if you write with only one colored pen or one highlighter. But color coding can be nitpicky for some people, so writing in one color is ok. But underlining and making a word look bolder can help when you need just the relevant stuff when studying for a test the night before.
  3. Use writing utensils that you like… which may sound dumb as shit, but hear me out. I have so many highlighters and pens that can last me a damn lifetime, but I still have this one pen I really like, and it’s my go to. I know you have that certain pen you like, so stick with it. Sometimes it can help using some utensil that you’re comfortable with so it’s easier to take notes. Same with any other writing tool, such as highlighters or pencils.
  4. Last but not least, don’t take notes just in class. Take notes while reading the textbook as well ((but let’s face it that chemistry textbook is boring as hell)). Even though it CAN be boring, I promise it can help in the long run.

If you guys like this article and would like more articles on note-taking, please let me know!! Also, let me know if you have any questions or ideas you would like me to see.



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