The Duff (Book vs. Movie) Review

•The Duff,  by Kody Keplinger

    • Rating: 8/10
    • Genre: Romance (Young Adult)
    • Pages: around 277
    • Topics: Highschool, Friendship, Romance, Crush, Sex, Family Problems (may contain some triggering themes) ((I would like to point out that this book is pretty dirty))

R E V I E W:  For starters, I would just like to say: YES, there is a book that existed before the movie ((like a majority of movies nowadays))!!!!! So I had started reading this book a few years ago, before the movie came out, but I never got the chance to finish. However, once I saw the trailer for The Duff on IMDB, I was thinking what the shit… I didn’t even get to finish the damn book. So here I am, a year later after the release of the movie, writing a comparison review over a book that I should have finished years ago, smh. The Duff, overall, is actually a really good book. The main protagonist, Bianca, constantly struggles with her self-image and  family issues, which is something I can completely relate to, being a teenager myself. Her only way of coping with these issues is through a boy named Wesley Rush…

So, now is the part of the review where I compare the book to the movie with the least amount of spoilers possible. Honestly, the movie was shit compared to the book. In the movie, Wesley’s relationship with Bianca was FAR different than what was originally written in the book.This is understandable, because let’s be honest, if the movie was exactly like the book, then it would be rated-R (not 50 Shades of Grey rated-R, but definitely not something they would include in a PG-13 movie). It’s obvious if you’ve read the book and watched the movie, that the script had to be entirely rewritten due to the mAJOR component in Wesley and Bianca’s relationship that was taken out in the movie. Not only was the relationship different, but so were the personalities of certain characters. Madison, who was Wesley’s ex-girlfriend in the movie, DIDN’T EVEN EXIST IN THE BOOK. Changing the plot a little is one thing, but adding a totally new character who isn’t even relevant (in my opinion) just added yet another cliché component. Also, Toby is supposed to be a CUTE LITTLE CUPCAKE, not some ass who used Bianca (I’m so upset!!!). The movie also seemed to miss out on A LOT of the book’s content, which again is understandable due to the ratings and the target audience. So before I start spoiling more content, I’m just going to say this: if you’ve seen the movie then definitely read the book. The movie was SO different. By itself, the movie was a good typical teen romance, but compared to the book………… Although both the book and the movie display the same message, the book does a lot better job in going into the details and making the audience relate to Bianca and how she views the world. So read the book. Always read the book, rather than just watching the movie. Besides, I rated the book 8/10. That should give you a good enough reason to read it 🙂




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